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So this failed miserably, but my excuse is that I barely had time to even get on a computer :/ I’ve been having so much fun these past couple weeks, that I forgot about everything I ever do on the internet lmao

I’ll give detailed updates with pictures when I get home though, because it’s really annoying for me to upload pics on my uncle’s laptop…it’s a little..outdated. And my laptop won’t charge in India for some reason (that reason being that our converter is horrible and works for the hairdryer and not my charger T-T)

In two weeks, I think I’ve seen at least 15 historical sights and I’ve been to 3 different cities..India’s amazing though. The culture here is insane, I have like 3 different religions clashing together (Hindu, Islam and Christianity) every morning around 5:30am to blare their daily sermons on the loudspeaker…I’m not even kidding, it starts with the Muslims reading Namaz, then Hindu’s with their Jai Mata Di’s, and Christian church bells…also you can’t really sleep unless you get used to the dogs barking and horns honking every 5 minutes..we live in a really busy area so people never sleep :( Thankfully it’s been colder here, or I’d have to deal with wall lizards and other annoying things that won’t let me sleep….

So, Indian driving should be considered an /art/. I still get heart attacks everytime we go in the car, and oh wait every one of my relatives has a driver O_O It’s pretty awesome though, because he’ll take us literally everywhere..and my uncle in Ranchi has this crazy jeep called a Scorpio (by Mahindra) with ALL the upgrades! These people drive with absolutely NO laws…people drive in the center of the two lanes, but somehow head on collisions are always avoided lmao everything comes on the road….from dogs to cows to people to goats literally everywhere…also, kids here start driving scooters and motorcycles around 15 so my younger cousin took me for a ride around Ranchi! It’s amazing though, we even drove by Dhoni’s house (India’s Cricket Captain) but the lights were out and he was probably playing a match vsing England at that time!

My uncles a minister so he’s considered a VIP here and gets special treatment literally everywhere (he’s a Doctor who provides free clinics to the poor in addition to his regular clinic work)…really awesome stuff!

I’ll update more later though, because I’m getting ready to go to a wedding tonight and tomorrow! We’re shifting to another house because we’re participating in the Tilak, so I’ll see how that goes! :)

Hey guys!

Sorry I couldn’t update, we’ve done a lot in the past 2 days..but I haven’t found time to update until now :( Unfortunately the computer I’m using right now doesn’t let me connect my SD card to it so I can’t put up pictures until a little bit later~

The flight itself was ridiculously long, 14 hours…but it wasn’t too bad! Everyone complains about Air India, but it was so clean and good food and entertainment! I only ended up watching 3 eps of my kdrama and a few movies on the plane’s entertainment system! The only real issue was that the plan was so cramped, I could barely sleep..and my tray was broken so I couldn’t really rest my head on that either :/ We ran into a few issues with luggage check-in and ended up running around Delhi airport like no tomorrow, but it wasn’t too bad because this airport is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s so modern and clean, and even better than JFK and Newark combined! I felt like I was still in America haha…I’ll put up pics of it later.

We got to Kolkata’s airport in the evening, and stopped by a grocery store that resembled Apna Bazaar but cleaner! It looked like the H-mart of India lol! Apparently, every major mall and grocery store has security guards here, and they make you walk through a security thing like at the airport and check your purses…it’s a little concerning but cool at the same time haha. I ended up just knocking out once I got there, because lack of sleep :|

We ended up not getting much rest though, because we left to go out around 10am the next day (IST) and my body still hasn’t adapted to India time so I’m sleeping like halfway through the day. I’d rather update yesterday’s with pictures, so I’ll post that separately! Kolkata is so rich with culture, and constantly crowded…it’s incredible! If you think peak time Manhattan is crowded, you need to visit Bada Bazaar, Kolkata….We were stuck in traffic for so long that the driver actually just shut off the car for a good 20 min til we started moving lol

Anyway, more for that later! I’m going to Ranchi tomorrow, so we’ll be on a train for a while and then meeting my mom’s other relatives :)

I’ll be on my way to India, via a grueling 14 hour direct flight to Delhi and another 4 hours to Kolkata. We’re taking Air India, which generally receives terrible reviews, but it’s cheaper than the others so I can’t complain!

It’s been a little over 9 years since I last traveled to India, so I’m pretty nervous and excited.. not really sure what to expect. I feel like I might be expecting too much, but it should be worth it, right? We’ll be there for about 17 days, to attend a wedding and visit relatives in West Bengal and Jharkhand. My mausi plans on taking us to some religious cities so that’s exciting!

Well I’m off to go finish packing! Hopefully I get internet in India~

PS. I’ll be back in the states on January 20th!